This was the phrase an angst teen said on the Dr. Phil show. Her accent made it sound different, but she said "Catch me outside, how 'bout dat?" (meaning: "you so tough, lets take this outside to fight"). But since it "sounded like "Cash", that has taken off on the internet.
by Magcfox February 10, 2017
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On an episode of Dr. Phil, a "difficult" teenage daughter, addresses the crowd using the phrase, "Cash me outside dah."

Basically, it means, come talk to me outside so that we can sort out our issues and potentially get into a physical fight.
Person 1: "Bitch, you're so ugly."

Person 2: "Me? Ugly? Cash me outside howbow dah?"
by doubletapmyass January 18, 2017
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Literally means " Catch Me Outside How About That." 14 year old Danielle D. Invented this saying that now everyone knows her as "cash me ousssside" girl. She made an appearance on Dr. Phil and now had over 8+ Million followers on instagram, she also made her own brand and emojis. Danielle can be or will be a nice millionaire soon.
Danielle: *to audience* "Cash me outside howbow dah?"

Dr. Phil: what does that mean?

Danielle: *laughs* What I just said
by sadistichuman April 8, 2017
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Its a famous phrase that danielle bregoli said when she was in the Dr Phil show. Its now become a famous phrase and meme and its a very good comeback on when your fighting with someone and you really dont know what to say.
Danielles hater: BITCH WANNA FIGHT?
Danielle: How bout you, cash me outside howbow dah
by RandomPotatoWhoSmellLikePoop February 11, 2017
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To catch or "cash" someone outside to fight in the southern states of the USA.
"Cash me outside howbow dah"
"You wanna take dis outside, coz i think they can take cameras outside. Howbow dah"
by JdubsUK January 28, 2017
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It's an internet sensation, caused by a 'difficult' teenage-girl, who was in the doctor Phil show.
It basically means that you want to continue your discussion physically and without a lot of people surrounding u.
'Cash me outside howbow dah' is now the official january 2017 meme, sharing her place with the salt guy. (look it up)
Rose are red,
my hart is fat,
will u be ma valentine

or cash me outside howbow dah
by pugsarecool February 4, 2017
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