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3 definitions by pugsarecool

people who pretend to be a "friend", but when you really need them, they aren't there. Most of the times is a snake found by girls, where they also are called fake friends or bitches. I hope truly that you will never ever get a fake friend, but there's a 99% chance that u already have one (or 5...). So good luck and kick the snakes ass!
snakes stab u in the back so be cautious
by pugsarecool January 15, 2017
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It's an internet sensation, caused by a 'difficult' teenage-girl, who was in the doctor Phil show.
It basically means that you want to continue your discussion physically and without a lot of people surrounding u.
'Cash me outside howbow dah' is now the official january 2017 meme, sharing her place with the salt guy. (look it up)
Rose are red,
my hart is fat,
will u be ma valentine

or cash me outside howbow dah
by pugsarecool February 4, 2017
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(More likely christmas and all the shit that is involved)
That time of the year when:

1. "tumblr" or hipster people get their fairylights, hot chocolate in cute mugs and cozy socks out and stress about their instagram theme

2. your teachers are trying to kill you with just another ten pounds of homework, and after that, the sadistics say suuper casual that now you have to study for exams a.k.a. 3 hours sleep a day
3. your parents get their christmas cd's (where they know every single word from), christmas decoration, christmas tree and warnings that you should start on time for the exams out
1. Julia: Omg Sarah, did you saw the pic that Mylifeaseva posted yesterday?

Sarah: Yeess omg I saw it, I'm so jealous of her christmas theme, why isn't my aesthetic as pretty as hers

2. Teacher: Alright class, don't forget to give your essay to me tommorow and also don't forget that in 3 days your first exam is already there
Student: Gives up on life and drops dead
3. Sarah's mom: Julia's mom said that she's already studying for the exams, shouldn't you be doing the same?

Sarah: But momm, there's a new season from Teen Wolf and I haave to see itt, I will study tommorow ---The next week Julia still hasn't studied
by pugsarecool December 15, 2016
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