4 definitions by Dead step sister

shortened from the word 'cunstable' to reffer to an officer of the law or a policeman. the cunsto or cunstos are just the pigs.
guy: "ah shit bro, the cunstos. hide the pot"

other guy: "cher there buvva"
by Dead step sister February 18, 2021
A Spuun is that thing. That thing you didn’t know how to explain or didn’t need to know
Fuck spuun
by Dead step sister December 22, 2020
the action of having a more than decent/ good amount of eliminations or a streak of kills in cod or some other fps. also could be known as 'racking up bodies'.

to carve up, you are good at what your playing and you have experience with mass genocide.
player/teammate: "yo what the fuck chris, you carving up my g"

'chris' who is carving up: "thanks nigga"


player who is carving up: "cuz, im carving/carving up"

teammate: "you have 3 kills bitchass"
by Dead step sister February 17, 2021
slang for 'ok' or 'nice'.

used to reply to a person after they propose a statement, fact or question
guy 1: "whats the go for tommorow?"
guy 2: "reckon we go fishing or something of the sort"
guy 1: "Chert, seeya then"
by Dead step sister June 8, 2022