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A rambler who give out personal information very easily. The person put very little thought behind how they talk. Most of the time this person can offend someone or find trouble for making inappropriate remarks.
PJ: Deez was real loose lipped last time he was spittin.
Ale: Yea, he should probably keep his wig on check.
PJ: Word.
by SsTtUu April 9, 2011
To get wasted and become very talkative.
Barry and I were all glossed up last night mac'n to some foxy ladies.
by SsTtUu April 11, 2011
When someone manages to somehow outdo a virtually unmatchable screw up.
Darryl: Winston reached a new low today.
Gene: Really, As if getting caught with the bosses daughter wasn't bad enough.
Darryl: Really, Obese Midget Porn on the office computer.
Gene: Wow.
by SsTtUu April 10, 2011
Someone who does not know when another person is dropping a hint. A person with social aphasia cannot understand when someone is trying to make a point. A Social Aphasiac fails to decipher simple hints, and makes repeated petty attempts to prove themselves.
Jeff: Sometimes Frank is such a Social Aphasiac.

Ray: He is really out of touch.
Jeff: He would never know.
Ray: Such a creepy person.
by SsTtUu April 10, 2011
text written to avoid having a full conversation with someone.
Richie: Sent her the default text; going to the gym.
Sam: Bet she stopped texting you quick.
Richie: Works everytime.
by SsTtUu April 10, 2011
A cool aura surrounding a person. Most of the time a sense of confidence exuded from the person. Their talents bring out the best of his peers, and he is level headed easy to get a long with, and is renowned, as well as, successful. Even with his enviable good fortune other don't feel jealous, and support their developmental growth and good fortune.
Leroy: Man, don't you love being around Peter.
Anna: Yes, there is something around his Phlegm.
Leroy: Our group is making money hand over fist.
Anna: He really brings out the best of our team.
Leroy: His confidence is almost contagious.
by SsTtUu April 9, 2011
An ecletic type of confidan. This type of socialite is well known as renowned and with culture. Usually a social orchid is held among the highest esteem, and never demands respect, but always is treated with such.
Larry: Jane is the epitome of a social orchid.
John: She stunning and exudes so much confidence.
Larry: 10 10 10

John: 10 out 8.
Larry: Shes so over the top.

John: Future Model, Executive, and Socialite.
by SsTtUu April 9, 2011