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When someone manages to somehow outdo a virtually unmatchable screw up.
Darryl: Winston reached a new low today.
Gene: Really, As if getting caught with the bosses daughter wasn't bad enough.
Darryl: Really, Obese Midget Porn on the office computer.
Gene: Wow.
by SsTtUu April 09, 2011

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A rambler who give out personal information very easily. The person put very little thought behind how they talk. Most of the time this person can offend someone or find trouble for making inappropriate remarks.
PJ: Deez was real loose lipped last time he was spittin.
Ale: Yea, he should probably keep his wig on check.
PJ: Word.
by SsTtUu April 09, 2011

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Term to describe "ego correct" or the state of having personality matching the needs and wants of another person.
Tonya: James is so EC.
Erin: He seems like a player.
Tonya: He treats me like a woman.
Erin: If he makes your feel special, then, hes good.
by SsTtUu April 10, 2011

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To join a group of people with the hopes of making lasting connections. To pay for the admission to a club to try and create a dynamic social circle. Sometimes someone on social welfare and also hold other socially beneficial roles to beat the system. These people are know to double wad are twice basting.
Jenny's small and eccentric social circle caused her to consider social welfare.

After weeks of loneliness, and self harm, Greg decided social welfare might cure his need for comraderie.
by SsTtUu May 16, 2011

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To have no friends, resources, or the ability to make reciprocal conversation. Most socially bankrupt individuals live out lives of social isolation. Others who are socially bankrupt will apply for social welfare by paying to join groups to make friends. Sometimes socially bankrupt individuals experience social aphasia, which results in the bankruptcy of their social lives.
After years of drug abuse, deception, cheating, stealing, and racism Bobby was socially bankrupt.

Socially bankrupt, Tammy turned to an organization promoting the promise of true love.
by SsTtUu May 16, 2011

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Process of consuming alcohol and taking an anti-anxiety medication like zanax or klonopin simultaneously.
Aww we were all glossin the other night, mac'n to all the foxy ladies.
by SsTtUu April 24, 2011

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a slang term for the astrological sign Gemini.

An adjective to describe a physically attractive women.
Simon: So you used to be a Tarus. Based on the change of the tilt of the axis of the earth you're a Gem.
Nancy: I'll always be a Taurus.

Simon: Jennifer is a Gem.
by SsTtUu April 10, 2011

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