The Roman Empire was very powerful, especially in AD 117, when they controlled most of Europe. The emperor was Julius Caesar. (I think there were more, but I can't be bothered to list all of them.) They were very civilised, at the time, and apparently knew how to keep order.
1. Brian - "Bloody Romans"

2. Reg - "Apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?"
by MichaelToTheJ May 13, 2007
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Romanes. what are Romanes? They’ll make smile and laugh at any freaking time of the day. They’re literally the cutest human beings on this tiny shit planet. Just them smiling at you can make ur day. I’m not kidding.

In addition to that, they’re so funny and will laugh at all ur jokes (even if it wasn’t even funny lmao). Her laugh,,, let’s just say it’s not descrete, but litterally the hymn of joy.
Romanes are spottable in the wild with it’s cat, Richard Paker and devotion to the ultimate goddess, Ariana Grande.
*everyone being silent, no one making any sounds or talking*

by maki bear (aka maki-b) June 10, 2019
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A guy who is somewhat physically attractive(but not perfect). He has a kind caring personality and is always good to his woman. He is not selfish loves the outdoors and sports. He is also a pretty fast runner. He enjoys good food, music,and spending time with is freinds. He is into fishing. He sometimes has brown or black hair. Roman is not afraid to admit that he isn't perfect and also is brave enough to roast himself. He thinks more about others than of himself.
Man, Roman is so nice.
by Person1234* November 27, 2017
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Roman is an amazing guy who can make you smile with out even having to try. Hes funny and secretly caring.
That guy is such a Roman
by ascot0302 October 27, 2010
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pat: "woah did you hear about roman?
jan: "yeah, poor guy"
by blueskiesatnite July 07, 2020
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A treasure to the world, this gem of a man is all that you ever dreamt would come true. He is the most charismatic, heavenly handsome, and caring person that will ever cross your path and once you fall deep into his entrancing brown eyes, you won't ever want to leave his gaze. He makes you feel like a wonderful person even though you may not feel this way. He's the most amazing person known to us all. A talented writer, a compassionate man, a heart catching spirt, nothing more can be said. He's words are like molten gold and he will leave you speechless and breathless all at one go with all he is. He's the type of man who with one look will be able to read your eyes and will jolt your heart from that very first moment. He's irresistibly sexy, smart, kind hearted, skilled, overall simply AMAZING guy and you are bound to fall madly in love with him. he is the kind of guy you will want to spend the rest of your life with, each day growing together, loving each other. Truly the most brilliant, sexy, sweet man ever, hold on to him forever because he will give light to each day just by knowing he is in the world. He is the man who will make a space in your heart, touch your being and move you to tears with all that he is. A one-of-kind person and you won't ever be able to fall in love with anyone else once you've given your heart to Roman, il mio amore.
A true inspiration, a man to bless my dreams, he has created a space in my heart, he is the creme of creme de la cremes. The catcher of my eye, the capturer of my heart the guy i love to love more and more... he must be a Roman.
by three.lined.puzzlez May 24, 2010
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Most sexiest, romantic guy you will ever meat in your life. if you know anyone named Roman dont ever let him go,because you will never meat anyone that will treat you better then Roman. He can make you laugh when your sad, he will be their for you every step of the way, he will make sacrifices just to make you happy and feel special. He is incredibly good looking and every time you look into his eyes, you just completely fall in love. He can be shy but when you get to know him, you will see that he is the most adventures, exciting person ever!
niko- How do you get girls to like you?
Roman- Just treat them nice, and be honest with all the girls!
by the one and only2127 May 29, 2011
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