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A job whose hours are generally anything up to (and including) 24 hours (or 28 hours depending on the company) per week. Usually intended as a supliment to the full time staff.

Depending on the company, part time jobs may or may not have guarenteed hours (in other words some weeks you'll be lucky to get one 8 hour shift while others you might get the full 24 (or 28) hours or anything in between.

Part time jobs usually also don't have guarenteed shifts; meaning one shift you might work evenings, another days, another afternoons and maybe even nights in some cases.

The length of the shifts is also variable, could be full 8 hour days but could also only be 4-5 hour days; so if you get 24 hours, it may not be three eight-hour shifts and could be four six-hour shifts or maybe even six four hour.

The shifts, hours worked etc vary wildey from company to company.

In some companies (espcially ones with high turnover) they'll start people on as part time staff as a sort of test to see if the job is right for them. If they 'last' for a certain amount of time, they'll probbaly be asked to go full time.
Guy #1: Man, last week I got a full 24 hours and worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; this week I'm only working Monday and Tuesday 9-1, what's up with that?

Guy# 1: What can say? It's a part time job; hours and shifts arn't guarenteed.
by anonymous October 26, 2004
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n. pärt tīm jŏb

Another way of saying, "I live with my mom".

Latin : partus, and + timeus + jobus, pl. underemployment.
Bill doesn't like the idea of vacation time so he works 3 part time jobs all year.
by Diemetrius September 23, 2009
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1. A (middle) manager whose reach far exceeds his grasp.

2. A Local Caesar for the digital age.
Bert: How is your contribution to the strategic planning committee's mission statement coming along?

Ernie: Dude, we work at an Orange Julius.

Bert: You won't be working here long with that attitude.

Ernie: Aight, Part-Time Jobs. I'll get right on it.
by Bergstein February 22, 2011
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