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For Christ's sake, it is not spelled "carberetor," you dolt. It is spelled "carburetor," or "carburettor" in the UK. Jesus.
The carbUretor on my 1954 International-Harvester KB5's RD450 straight-six is of the two-barrel Holley type.
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device used to mix fuel and air in the proper ratio and deliver the amount selected by the driver to the engine. typically found on cars and trucks pre-1984 and is still widely used on smaller engines, most harleys and lawnmowers/weedwhackers/anything with a 2-stroke or below 50CI
dude, my carberetor needs to be leaned out, its fat on the top end

dude, ur carberetor's fucked up, ur runnin lean
by 379 February 25, 2005
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