(adjective) Without a head. Specif., A. Organically without a head; acephalous. B. decapitated.
The headless woman managed to climb all those stairs with little effort.
by Deepspace9odo November 8, 2017
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Fart without head;

fart escaping from the male love tunnel not fully intact, therefore breaking the bubble that fart was contained in, and releasing excessive amounts of noxious and sometimes even toxic gas.

More often used as a derogatory analogy to describe a person who gives away information, data, codes, secrets or anything else that was not meant to be known between friends and/or acquaintances, creating issues, rumours, innuendo, panic, hysteria and/or inadvertently dobbing said individuals and/or groups into each other or authorities.
"He's a headless fart for letting every one online know about the party tonight!"
by Porky Pawn August 5, 2020
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A very underrated album by Black Sabbath and a very underrated song by Black Sabbath with Tony Martin as the singer. Most people believe its satanic or blasphemis due to the name. However, that is untrue. The song is about a village in Worschershire England named "Headless Cross"
that came under a great illness. The people blamed it all on Satan and called each other devil worshipers because they believed God was punishing them. Sadly, the whole village was wiped out due to the plague.
Guy: Dude, have you heard Headless Cross it's epic
Guy 2: That sounds devil worshiping
Guy: No it's not, just do your reasearch
by Metal pholosepher November 15, 2011
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Ghost who inhabits the Shoneys on the Parkway between Auburn and Opelika Alabama. Haunts the late night janitorial crew after midnight. All new late night clean up crews are warned, "You can't kill him with your broom cause he's a ghost.
The cook warned me about staying late and cleaning up. Said the Headless BigBoy would get me.
by mikeonthebay March 17, 2010
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To win or achieve greatness despite circumstances which would normal prevent one to do so (this originated from a season 1 Robot Chicken segment titled '3 Fast 3 Furious which satired both Cannonball run and Fast/Furious movies - The world's most famous cars-from KITT to the Batmobile to the General Lee-race against each other. In the segment Ponch and Jon from the series 'Chips' are part of the race. In a freak accident Ponch is decapitated. Despite having no head, Ponch wins the race.
"Fucking pulls off a headless ponch last night! Pukes on himself, busts up his head, and still manages to score that hot little skank!"
by kennyactionfigure November 23, 2012
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1. a chicken with no head
2. running around all over the place with seemingly no aim or purpose
1. we ordered murghi masalam but all we got was a headless chicken stuffed with minced meat.
2. "look at that twat Savage" exclaimed Fredo "he's worse than a headless chicken."
by theWestHamfan November 16, 2003
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The Headless Chicken is a demoralizing sex-act where two people are in the piledriving position, then the guy pulls out and starts running around holding the chick by the underside of her knees yelling "Headless CHICKEN!" The woman also adds her own screams to the mix because she is being pulled around by the legs with her head on the floor. In this sence, the legs of the upside-down woman resemble the wings of a chicken and the vag resembles where the chicken's head used to be.
"Fred and Daphney were definitly doing it last night. I saw Fred and a pair of legs run by the window so i'm guessing it was the headless chicken, that shit's awesome."
by Gnitz456 October 10, 2008
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