When something almost happens. Especially something bad, like a collision or social mishap.
Jerry experienced a close call when he was sailing on his boat and a strong gale knocked down his mast and missed his head by a hair.
by Philco January 11, 2008
That moment when you're pulling your pants down and sitting on a toilet at the same time, and your shit starts.
Guy 1: man that was a close call, I wasn't even fully on the toilet.

Guy 2: did you make a mess?

Guy 1: a little bit, but at least we're in MacDonald's.
by shitpantsmcgee March 1, 2014
When something bad (usually near death experiences) happens because you are doing something you shouldn't be doing.
Man, I had about twenty close calls this past year because I have been smoking all this time. A person like me was never supposed to smoke in the first place. WTF!!!!!
When shits going just alright. When the event, day, situation, etc could end up good or bad. Literally "too close to call it"
Person 1: Suh du? How it's it going?
Persn 2: Too close to call it, my du...
by snatchyZ March 4, 2018