"Ring ring! Last year called!"

Said by Über-hipsters who are always on the cutting edge of popular and alternative culture, and soon to be on the cutting edge of a very unpopular switchblade.
person 1: Hey have you seen Goatse?
person 2: RING RING
by flaunted October 25, 2005
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An onomatopoeia, which is, you guessed it, commonly used between two BFFs. It usually occurs when one bff needs/wants to ring the other, and usually texts the other saying 'ring ring?' which in bff language translates to, 'can i ring you?'
Mary: Ring ring bee?
Jen: Ummm maybe later after revision.
Mary: Hmmf. Fine. Nvm. ring ring tomorow instead?
Jen: Well i'm kind of seeing sally tomorow..
Mary: HMMMF.

Mary: Hoy, ring ring?
Jen: Well I need to drop my mom off, then finish my homework, then do some revision, then make tea for my brother, then clean out the fish, then pick my mom up, then go to work, then have a shower...

Jen: Sorry we haven't been able to talk much lately.. but we can ring ring tomorow for a whole hour!
Mary: Really!??YAYBEE:)!
by HmmfCreator June 7, 2009
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ringe is short for syringe
dealer: u want a ringe for £15?
by Elbrox February 10, 2021
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We wants it, we needs it.
We must have the precious ring.
They stole it from us.
Sneaky little editorses.
Wicked, tricksy, false!
by Mister Cookie October 30, 2012
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1. The One Ring created by the Dark Lord Sauron in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings "to bring them all/ and in the darkness bind them/ in the Land of Mordor/ where the shadows lie."

2. Kick-ass horror movie which manages to be an improvement on both the Japanese original and its own sequel. Concerns a video tape which (indirectly) kills its viewers by attracting their way the attention of a little girl you REALLY do NOT want to meet. You've probably heard the sting in the tail, so I won't mention it here.
Always the Nazgul are drawn to the Ring.

Answering machine message inspired by The Ring:

"Hello, you have just contacted the Morgan Family Bloodstock Company, Moesko Island. Unfortunately Samara can't come crawling out of your television just at the moment, but if you leave your name, number and details of the video after the tone, she promises to get in touch with you some time next week. Sweet dreams."
by Fearman November 18, 2007
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