Long Name for "Can-I-Bus?" (NO!!!)
He's a pussy-rapper who's said to be all that Eminem would be if he was Black. (I Disagree) He's the little Chicken Hawk of the Hip-Hop Underground world who has been beaten by rappers in Battles as old as LL Cool J, and as roughly new as Eminem. I don't think he's ever won a Battle before and was even beaten by old whore Princess Superstar, but hey! He's got guts that one.
John Cena of the crappy WWe Show, "Smackdown!" says he gets his "flow" (ha-ha.) from Cannibus. Well, you can hear the awful Mic Skills of both of them in your local FYE bargain bin. Cannibus' "Can-I-Bus" and Cena's "WWe Originals." (Ha-Ha!)
by G-Union January 20, 2004
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an ingredient which is found in other drugs. most cannibus based drugs are called "stepping stones," because people who take cannibus based drugs want to have the same high they had the first time they tried it so they go on to stronger drugs
cannibus is found in marijuana
by ali February 08, 2003
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