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A peddle-pub for weed except unlike peddle-pubs, a cannibus never moves. The people are too stoned to peddle.
It doesn't matter if the tires are flat on the cannibus. It's not going anywhere.
by kuhlschool December 23, 2018

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A sheath for the shaft of a long dildo, typically made of leather or metal.
With a steely gaze, Steph returned her giant toy to its dildo scabbard for safe keeping.
by kuhlschool February 06, 2018

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A selfie movie (as opposed to a selfie photo).
The vacuous teen apparently died while she was taking an awesome smovie on the lip of the Grand Canyon

#darwin award #destiny #pleasebeakardasian
by kuhlschool June 22, 2017

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That moment when you feel an urge to do something you aren't supposed to do.
That kid over there just sassed me and I want to slap his head. I feel the tickle. I can't help it.
by kuhlschool November 29, 2018

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A surprisingly delectable variation on the classic quesadilla in which creme cheese is substituted for cheddar.
Dude, we should totally work our way into some Tacopremes tonight after the party.
by kuhlschool May 26, 2018

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A form of office defined by a series of national embarrassments and brought about by a unstable manboy who understands dumb people a bit too intimately.
Only a stable genius would define a consensual presidency as one where he lost the popular vote by a landslide and has one of the lowest approval ratings in American history.
by kuhlschool May 01, 2018

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A combination of procrastination and vacillation, PROVACILLATE is to postpone a moment of indecisiveness.
I don't mean to provacillate, but I need to wait a while before I waver between these two choices.
by kuhlschool June 24, 2017

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