Noun: the combination of LSD and Ecstacy
Verb: to take such a combination
Ex1: What's that in my coffee? -- A candy flip!
Ex2: Man I was candy flipping so hard I didn't know my own name.
by doktorfunk September 7, 2005
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Practice popular at raves of taking ecstasty and LSD simultaneously. (A British band, Candy Flip, popular in the 1990s, was named after this practice).
It looks like EVERYONE here, except the cops at the doorway handing out water, did a candy flip.
by Bill Peters November 10, 2006
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Being under the influence of ecstasy and shrooms/lsd at the same time.
Man, I was candy flippin last night and I humped my sofa.
by chillinthamost May 22, 2005
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Taking LSD (acid) and MDMA (ecstacy) together. Actually regarded quite highly within the drug subculture.

The effects of the MDMA lend a very upbeat feeling to the user, usually resulting in a positive acid trip. Because MDMA is a fairly "reliable" good high, but acid isn't (there can be bad trips), the MDMA high helps to stabablize the acid trip.
At the festival, we'll be candy flipping for the headliner.
by Hippy_feat_Wishy June 1, 2018
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A mindbending combination of LSD and MDMA known to send users into a euphoric state of bliss. Can result in godlike abilities to manipulate one's own perception and a near heart-rending sense of compassion for others in close proximity. Can even cause one's sense of self to blur and mingle with others.
John didn't know what the true essence of love was until he was candy flipping at the Pretty Lights concert.
by stay_flossy March 25, 2012
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when lsd or acid, is combined with mdma or extascy.
for a unique high, try candy flipping.
by May 18, 2006
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doing acid and mdma (ecstacy) at the same time
dude, last week i went candy-flipping, i was tripping balls
by E February 10, 2005
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