A euphemism for filterless cigarettes, not to be confused with joints.
Pass me some cancer sticks nigga.
by Lindsey March 27, 2005
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Referring to cigarettes. Primarily used by politically correct smokers who are aware of the drugs potential threats to the body, but enjoy the act of smoking enough to take the risk.
Man I need to smoke some more cancer sticks before we hit up this movie.
by leonittttuss79 October 20, 2010
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Mainly a cigarette could be a colt or cigar that can lead up to the feared cancer.
MaN ReeD JusT PoPPeD A sWeeT CaNCeR sTicK iN HiS Mouth He DiDn'T Even CaRe
by The Reefer Man May 06, 2005
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Courtney Love had a cancer stick dangling at the side of her mouth while she signed autographs. She is known for her chain smoking.
by Babydoll75 March 05, 2019
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A street name/slang of nicotine cigarettes which a non-smoker will diffuse a cigarette as cancer causing
I am qutting cancer sticks.
No more cancer sticks for you!
by Billiam Beaver July 06, 2016
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