A term used most frequently in first-person shooter video games, "camping" refers to the act of hiding or otherwise remaining in a hidden, obscured, or safe location in order to ambush an enemy or objective, or to avoid harm.

There is much controversy over whether or not camping is a respectable strategy; some claim camping is cowardly and cheap, while others maintain that it is intelligent and strategic.
"There's a guy camping outside the door with a Covenant Energy Sword. Be careful, lest he perpetrate the ownage against you."

"That sniper-ass sniper be camping on top of the base."
by ghostpigeon July 26, 2005
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1. To spend time with nature, leaving behind much of the technological advances and "roughing it."
2. The act of staying in one spot in a game and "sniping" other players.
1. Let's go camping in the woods.
2. I hate those camping whores!
by FlamingCat April 14, 2003
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The Act of staying in one spot in a map in a first person shooter video game to gain a tactical advantage over an enemy or group of enemies.

The person committing the act of camping is the "camper" and the spot on the map it is happening in is "camped".

Camping isn't limited to one weapon, or playing style.
"Is NoClanNeeded camping? I haven't seen him all game"

"That guy camped the Redeemer all game"

"I keep getting sniped, where is the camper?"
by NoClanNeeded December 25, 2004
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The act of staying in the bathroom for a long time without any regard to anyone else who has to to use the bathroom. When somebody is camping they are usually reading a good article or masturbating. (don't let 'em fool ya they're wankin it)
Pete: Man I gotta go take a shit

Hank: Well, don't go camping because I still have to take a shower.
by Bluntz and Cuntz December 6, 2009
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girlfriend: what are your plans this weekend?
boyfriend: camping with friends
by sc00tmc July 12, 2008
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activites including, but not limited to pitching tents
We were at a club the other night, and it seemed as if my friend was 'camping'
by syc May 29, 2005
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1) Holding a pot pipe/bong for too long, without passing it down to the next person.
Hey man, you're camping. Pass me down that shit.
by heffa May 27, 2003
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