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Used to describe the bad behavior of black people, especially when they behave like animals.
"OJ really Chimped out on Nicole".

"I was watching basketball, and Ron Artest Chimped Out and beat up a fan"

"I was watching The O'Reilly factor and everything was normal, until Al Sharpton started Yelling and Chimping Out"

"Quick turn on the rap awards show, there is a major chimp out going on!"
by NoClanNeeded December 25, 2004
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The Act of staying in one spot in a map in a first person shooter video game to gain a tactical advantage over an enemy or group of enemies.

The person committing the act of camping is the "camper" and the spot on the map it is happening in is "camped".

Camping isn't limited to one weapon, or playing style.
"Is NoClanNeeded camping? I haven't seen him all game"

"That guy camped the Redeemer all game"

"I keep getting sniped, where is the camper?"
by NoClanNeeded December 25, 2004
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