A Camera is the sweetest and most beautiful person you will ever meet. She knows what's appropriate and when to stop. She lightens up your day like no other. A Camera is a little shortie that you have to look down at, but it just makes her so much more adorable. She has the ability to make you laugh. Her smile is one of a kind. She does the cutest and most random things. When you see her, you just can't help but smile. She brings so much happiness to you, that it's overwhelming. But, she gets annoyed easily and isn't the most confident girl in the world. Compliments can turn her shitty day the whole way around. She has an adorable laugh like no other. She also has eyes that if you look into for too long, that you'll lose track of time. She gets a lot of shit from people that barely know her. She's good at making people think that they don't get to her. But for every mean comment she gets, she falls a little deeper in a hole. But unlike any other girl, she's strong enough to climb her way out within the same day. She's overall the most sweetest and caring person you'll ever meet. If you're lucky enough to know a Camera, then hold onto her. She definitely a keeper.
" Hey, do you know Camera?"
" No."
" Wow, that's sucks for you bro. She's the best girl I've ever met."
by Ayeee(; September 23, 2011
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Any thing usable to capture an image for future viewing.
(i bet no one knows this)

The computer has a screen shot camera
press print scrn, open paint, press ctrl+v.
by green poo June 29, 2009
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Noun; one who adds an unsuspecting person on social media with intention of relaying information to another, usually someone who is blocked or an enemy
Delete Jess off your page man, she's a camera. She showed your ex everything you said about her.
by uhhnonymous June 15, 2017
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