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The persona someone takes on when a camera (still or video) is on them. When someone is "in the lime light" and works the camera.

We've all seen the photo shoot scenario where the photographer says "make love to the camera". It's the look and chemistry someone has with the camera that is "sexy"

However! This person MUST exhibit the "X" factor needed to be successful, entertaining, or "Hot" on camera or in pictures.

The antithesis (polar opposite) of Camera Hot is "Camera Not". Camera Not is used when someone is completely stumbling over their words and is incompetent and lacks adequate performance. Usually this person "acts a fool" on camera. Annoying, stupid comments, and babbling is common.
Dang did you see that girl!? She got all camera hot when she was on the big screen.

Yeah bro she did that smokey eye, I wanna get wit you attitude going on!

A myspace picture that looks good.

A photo in which you look smokin' hot! You probably took 10-30 pictures/takes in order to look or act like a movie star.

As Simon from American Idol would say. "you either have it or you don't... It's the X factor and that's what we are looking for".
by JeffreyLee4Free! August 06, 2009
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