'Shortie' can be the ghetto name for girl-friend.
"Hey shortie! What's up boo?"
by Flora Veale August 6, 2005
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Alternate spelling of shorty. Denotes a woman or a child.
Ey, boo, wha's yo' name, shortie?
by ATLFreshNClean October 31, 2003
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Female who is primarily interested in a short-term relationship.

Antonym of 'wifey'.
I do not enjoy staying committed to one girl, as my immature narcissistic world view prevents me from doing so. Therefore I maintain an alternating stable of shorties, due to my nature as a thoughtless womanizer ignorant of how my irresponsible actions affect others.
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a word to call a short person usually short and bratty and too annoying to handle .
you that shortie is a bitch
by pepperbish February 2, 2020
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