Pacific region made of awesome, tasting slightly of fruit loops, carne asada, and tofu. Where everyone wishes they were. Also, made of gay, but that's like soo hot now anyway. fun fun fun in the sun. Except when its over 100 degrees everyday during the summer.

I sure do wish I was in California.
by lucia marcano March 26, 2009
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A euphemism for Mexico. There is absolutely no difference between the 2 countries since early 2000's.
by surfdog May 28, 2016
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Literally the best state of the 50 currently making up the United States of America. That's not just said because I live here, either, but because we have all of the good parts of every other state, and none of the bad stuff.

Home to Hollywood, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, rap music (co-home, I suppose), the term "hella", the legendary UC system, and many other great things.
Snow? California has that! -20 degree weather? Oh hell no!

Nice beaches? California has that! 110 degree weather with 90% humidity? Oh hell no!

Agriculture? California has that! Does our economy rely solely on that, turning our state into a glorified orchard? Oh hell no!

Great music? California has that! Old, washed-up celebrities still trying to make it big? ......Well, shit, I guess we have that, too. But it's damn entertaining!
by California-ite May 22, 2011
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i wanna go to califonia...
(street name)
(i want some cocaine)
by rachel June 21, 2003
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That place where all the hippies go to get arrested.
"Man, let's all go to California, where everyone is free!" -Random hippies, bikers, and gay people

"On today's agenda for the State of California, we will now increase the penalty to required life imprisonment for someone who pees on the lawn in his third conviction. No exceptions for homeless people, pregnant women, little kids, or people with medical disorders." -California politicians
by mew723 May 13, 2015
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