A God. He steals everyone's bitches. Cooler than anyone you will ever meet.
It's CALB!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!
by FUCKTHEPOLICE March 04, 2015
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His name means a guy with a REALLY(very) big ruler(penis) and a guy how is really good looking(sexy as fuck) also someone that could be a little shy(horny)and (desperate)
Calbe is a very handsome guy
by mybigruler January 15, 2015
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verb: to calb, to 'Chuckle A Little Bit'

To be used when you didn't actually LOL but you don't want to hurt their feelings because their joke was so bad.
Joker: 'I may do mexican jokes, but I'd never do a spanish joke. No way José'

Victim: 'I just calbed'.
by fabulousalice May 16, 2010
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Abbreviation for Chuckled A Little Bit. It means you're not quite ROFLMAO and you're not really LOL-ing when you see something funny in text or online. It's when you do just exactly as it says, you just chuckle a lil bit.
I CALB when I watched that video you posted of the ninja squirrel.
by TheMicMarie March 19, 2011
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