when seeing a girl/guy wearing too much makeup that is visible from a distance.
She's so cakey! Her face looks so old!
by AMMMMMMMMMM February 07, 2011
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1. to have a large sum of money
Yeah i had my Pelle on and my Prada sneaks when i bagged her so she already know im cakey.
by kpaul718 April 21, 2005
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1) To have a large booty; a beautiful butt
"Yo J you see that girl over there she's kinda cakey"

"yeah man she's bangin"
by Big Poppa the Laker Fan June 17, 2009
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UK usage: Cakey, tending to be over-sweet in demeanor, and even when genuine can seem to be playing to everyones good side to be popular (trying to be everyones best friend without having earned that respect or loyalty). Can seem naive and ungrounded in constant fascination with what are essentially trivial issues and irrelevant concerns. Doesn't often 'get it' socially.
Tiffany was Cakey, she had the ability to be nice, but expected too much when she asked favours of people she barely knew. Anyone who wanted her, she would play for favours until they didn't care and then she would wonder why they were off with her, when they realised she wasn't interested in them. She didn't connect or think deeply enough to realise others peoples feelings hurt them for more than the glancing blows her ego ever took, she just ignored them to make herself feel better. Everyone was best friends forever or she didn't care at all.
by Blinkage March 26, 2012
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Cake is a noun. Caked is an verb. Most people simply dont realize that for a substance to be caked onto anything it must first be cakey. Thus the use of cake as a noun, a verb, and an adjective.
He was baked like the cakiest cake. Cake

That mud sure was cakey.
by FrozenNinja January 31, 2014
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Adjective: term prevelant in the mid 1990's; used to describe a weak, pathethic, 'cheesy' or 'lame' person/object
"Uhhhh - you're so cakey!"
"I'm not wearing that, it's cakey."
by Jaladinsane March 10, 2006
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An article of clothing that may sometimes be worn to homecoming but should not be because it is not classy. It has an alternate name: "khakis". It may sometimes be worn with a fitted hat.
Damn... Did he really just show up in cakeys?
by laanudrreena August 04, 2009
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