one who wears too much makeup (specifically foundation/coverup) ; in which they cover their face because they are too ugly to show their normal face . or they just use way to much makeup and it looks like you could scrape it off
1. aha you see that guy making out with cakeface over there?
2. ew shes a cakeface
3. "im trying to tell you in a nice way that you wear too much foundation..makes you look clownish and i think you are too pretty for that"
by KRiSTY August 28, 2004
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when a girl has too much makeup on
cake face at maddi d
by sharks28 October 26, 2016
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someone who wears so much makeup that
if they got water splashed on them.
their face would melt off.
exposing an ugly being.
most times they just go overboard.
and it looks terrible and too dark,
dont touch her gooey swamp cake face
i dont know what lurks under there,
by ashleyinshock February 18, 2009
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a slut who wears too much effin makeup n it looks like its funna fall off their face if u touch them !
Britney Paleo is a cake face.. dat ho wear ten layers of foundation BEF0RE track.. waddafukkk??
by 1329987g5gj6gd21sy30s December 17, 2007
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When the guy ejaculates on the girl's face leaving his seamen all over her face.
My girlfriends loves when I cake face her!
by :)SexyBitch:) February 1, 2011
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a legit clothing company

Freshly established early in two-thousand-seven, CF came to the conclusion that very few clothing companies were pushing the limits of creativity and new design concepts and becoming more commercial day by day.

CF brings the creative integrity back to the scene by forming our products with dope graphics, intricate patterns, and superior quality materials which reflect a person’s individuality.
matt "thats a sick shirt where did you get it?"
jeff "yeah it's from cake face"
by wrx3r October 9, 2008
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A girl's face that is so caked up in makeup, you can not tell what her face will look like without it.
"OMG. Cake Face girl showed up to school without makeup and looks like a zombie."
by AKTaylor January 28, 2015
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