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Maddi is the best friend someone could ever ask for. She is caring and sweet. But if you get on her bad side you are screwed. She protects what she loves at all costs and it basically fearless. Maddi is friends with everyone, but lets few into her close circle of people who she trusts. Anyone who knows a maddi is lucky.
Wow, I cant believe she is your friend!
Lets go talk to Maddi
by imnotyourdaddy January 08, 2018
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An absolute perfect girl, she is the sweetest, most caring and loyal person you will ever find. She can be a bit cheeky and likes to play around. She has a gorgeous smile and a cute giggle that always makes you join in with her excitement and enthusiasm.
Maddi makes good chocolate brownies
by Hsjxndn August 28, 2018
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A perfect, beautiful, marvelous girl. Anyone who knows her is privileged beyond belief. She's perfect in every single way. She brightens everyone's day, and is the strongest person I know. Sometimes she doesn't believe in herself, but she should, because she's magnificent. I'm so lucky to have met her, because she's always there for me when I need her, and I can trust her with my life.

Hop.en.di.ess Forever.
"Who in the world is that beautiful girl?!"

"That's Maddi! She's the best person you'll ever meet!"

"Should I talk to her?"

"Of course, you won't be sorry!"
by Jess b xxxxxx March 10, 2013
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Fun, smart, outgoing girl. Easy to trust and fun to be around. Always ready to laugh and smile. The best girlfriend and friend ever. Can kick it with the boys but always there for her girls. Blonde, blue eyes. Fit and tan. Sarcastic. Friendly and loving to all. If you have a friend named Maddi you are very lucky!
i think that's Maddi, let's go say HI!
by lahve lahve lahve November 23, 2010
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Where do I even start? Maddi is the most stubborn girl you will ever meet, but she loves to help people and is super caring. Maddi is absolutely stunning. She will try and convince you she's not, or you are prettier, but she just can't she how perfect she always looks. She's got the most envious booty ever, wavy brown hair, and big brown eyes. But her beauty is not limited to the outside. She has the nicest, sassiest, most fun personality you could ask for in a friend. She is always looking for an adventure. Maddi is a daredevil and will most likely want to partake in activities like skydiving, cliff jumping, or hiking Mount Everest. Maddi is always up for trying new things and experiencing new culture. She aspires to travel all over the world. Maddi is more than a friend, she is a sister for life. She will always be pushing you to do something exciting or break the rules. Though Maddi may let off a "tough girl" persona, she is truly a big softie on the inside. She loves to give to others and help those in need. If you ever encounter a Maddi, make sure she becomes a part of your life because she will make it one hundred times better.
Damn, Maddi is so thic.

Yeah, but she is the nicest girl ever.
by yamaingurl May 26, 2018
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Maddi is obviously the most beautiful and attractive girl around...with those gorgeous brown eyes, wavy brown hair, and that smile that could make anyone's day better. She is way more intelligent and intellectual than most people. She loves to sing, dance and act(and has an absolutely stunning voice). Maddi is the most caring, thoughtful, and sweetest girl ever. Sexually she is always feisty in bed and has that perfect, sexy body all the girls wish they had.
"Don't you just wish you were Maddi? She's go it all doesn't she"
by mMoney January 13, 2015
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