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A humorous enemy character in later episodes of the "Final Fantasy" series of role-playing video games. It resembles a cactus with branches serving as arms and legs protruding at right angles, and three dots/holes forming a crude face. Agile and possessing machine-gun-like needle attacks, these things can be a pain in the ass if you don't know what you're doing.
"Dammit, my party got killed by cactuars again."
by Lulu's left nipple October 02, 2003
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A cactus with two eyes that watches me from the kitchen window.
"Mum, the cactuar is staring at me again"
by who wants to know? March 06, 2005
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cactuars are fiends who lived all over spira, terrorizing people and playing jokes all the time. When everyone thought they will have to fear forever, Lord Zukon appeared and catch all the cactuars and put them over the thunder plains. After that, he imprisoned onto stones, enforced them to suffer with every thunder, forever. Some of them live on Bikanel Island. In ff8 you can find a Big cactuar called cactilio as a force guardian.
(sorry 4 my english, I speak spanish;) )
Before becoming a grand summoner, Lord Zukon assigned the symbol of _ *Square* to them, making them prisioners of their stones, until someone pray to them and do a square.
by juan esteban diaz December 31, 2003
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(n) a mexican who stays out in the desert for too long.
would ya look at that cactuar trying to get past the border patrol!
by el cactuaro August 04, 2004
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