caballo means horse in spanish. horse has meant heroin since the 1960s.
ay, ese pinche caballo no sirve por nada
by tibo March 31, 2004
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Latino expression for a "real" man
Mira que classe caballo!
by Ninnibeth May 23, 2005
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Spanish: 1) horse 2) slang for heroin 3) Very rude slang for a feminine napkin.
Price check on a 4,000 pack of Stayfree Ultra Absorbent!
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003
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Castillian slang for heroin, the drug of choice among many hookers who work in the red light districts of Spain, such as Calle de la Montera in Madrid or La Ronda de Sant Antoni in Barcelona.
Madrileño #1: Oye, tio! Tu debes alejarte de las prostitutas que trabajan en la Calle de la Montera acerca de la Gran Vía.

Madrileño #2: Porqué?

Madrileño #1: Porque ellas usan caballo, tio!
by Sir Bullwhip October 15, 2006
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A homosapien of the male species who has been known to have an exceptionally large penis ; a man packing the meat.
Chris: "Yo Charles, I just accidently walked in on Luis having sex!"

Charles: "Did you get a little peak?"

Chris: "Naw, I couldn't see much."

Charles: "Well, why not?"

Chris: "Cause, all I got a glimpse of, was El Caballo."

Charles: "Shit, he must be packin'."
by CHRiS From Mars May 29, 2009
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Nickname given to Carlos Lee, a Houston Astro, which when translated from Spanish to English means big horse, which is fitting cuz Carlos is a big guy. Has a fan club consisting mostly of Mexicans who always hang out in the standing room near the Crawford boxes at Minute Made Park. Look for the guy with the big moustache!
El Caballo has just hit...whoa it's's going...caught in foul territory! Maybe he'll gallop the bases next time.
by AstroPahn1 April 10, 2009
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a human being who has a crush on a guy thats name starts with the letter R and ends with the letter e she claims to be camila cabello but we call her camila Caballo which is The spanish way to stay horse camila Horse camila caballo we are good friends but why not go ahead and ship her with the man of her dreams C:> after that we could go and raid area 51 or target
camila:hey guys my name is camila Cabello!!
Brian:Camila caballo?
brian:okie okie I understand camila cambllo
by Cuz why not dude? December 18, 2019
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