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An American policial party that is run by sexually repressed, dangerous far-right Christian fundamentalist nutcases and seeks to turn the United States into a theocracy; a white male equivalent of the Taliban. An authoritarian party that is the exact opposite of the Libertarian Party when it comes to personal freedom and, unlike true conservatives, believes in big government rather than small, limited government.
That Bible thumper belongs to the Constitution Party; he is so extreme that he seriously believes Rick Santorum is too liberal.
by Sir Bullwhip October 9, 2006
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A diet that greatly restricts carbohydrates, including pasta, and is illegal throughout Italy. Some residents of Firenze, Roma e Venezia (Florence, Rome and Venice) believe that promoting the Atkins diet anywhere in Italy should carry a mandatory prison sentence of ten years. And in parts of Sicily and Calabria, distributing pro-Atkins Diet propaganda can result in getting whacked.
American tourist entering a ristorante near Termini Train Station in Rome: “I’m on the Atkins diet. What do you have for me?”

Roman waiter: “Mamma mia! Che vergogna! La dieta di Atkins non e legale in Italia, signore.” (“Mamma mia! What a disgrace! The Atkins diet is illegal in Italy, sir.”)

American tourist leaving a ristorante near Termini Train Station in Rome: “From now on, I’m only eating at McDonald’s.”
by Sir Bullwhip July 19, 2009
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A submissive male in a BDSM relationship who refers to his mistress' knee-high vixen boots or thigh-high domination boots as "lollipops."
When the dominatrix told her slave, "Lick my boots or I'll whip you senseless," the bootlicker responded, "Thank you, mistress. I really love the taste of your lollipops."
by Sir Bullwhip October 9, 2006
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Castillian slang for heroin, the drug of choice among many hookers who work in the red light districts of Spain, such as Calle de la Montera in Madrid or La Ronda de Sant Antoni in Barcelona.
Madrileño #1: Oye, tio! Tu debes alejarte de las prostitutas que trabajan en la Calle de la Montera acerca de la Gran Vía.

Madrileño #2: Porqué?

Madrileño #1: Porque ellas usan caballo, tio!
by Sir Bullwhip October 15, 2006
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The far-right, fanatically gay-bashing Republican senator from Pennsylvania who got his hateful little butt kicked by Democrat Bob Casey, Jr. on November 7, 2006, when Rick Santorum lost by a landslide.
The voters of Pennsylvania sent Rick Santorum to the unemployment line during the mid-term elections of 2006, but not before his name came to be defined as "the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the product of anal sex."
by Sir Bullwhip November 8, 2006
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A derogatory term for alimony that was coined by radio shock jock Tom Leykis, who has defined vaginamoney as "paying for a vagina that you no longer have use of." Ex-wives who demand vaginamoney, according to Prof. Leykis, are prostitutes who expect ongoing monitary compensation for sexual favors provided in the past.
Professor Leykis told the male caller, "If a golddigging bitch divorces you after ten years of marriage in California, you'll be paying the bitch vaginamoney for the rest of your goddamn life."
by Sir Bullwhip October 15, 2006
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A truly hideous type of footware that some American women had the bad taste to wear in the 2000s; according to shock jock Tom Leykis, the "ugg" is short for "ugly."
Professor Tom Leykis is right: ugg boots are truly hideous. Women should have more self-respect than to wear those ghastly things in public.
by Sir Bullwhip October 15, 2006
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