A "c2" is a word used for a cunt #2 not #1 or a demi lovato fan. C2 is great for texting if you're lazy to write the whole name.
SB: " Hey c2 when can we get round 2? "
c2: " Whenever you want . ") "
SB: " Ok baby. "
by Sb<3c2 June 26, 2010
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A "c2" is a word used for a slut or permiscious girl. Or when used for guys it means a threat. It was derived from counter strike source when if the button c then 2 was pressed you would tell your teammates "enemy spoted"
When refering to girls: "Oi bro check out that c2 there. Damn shes hot."

When refering to guys: "Check out the c2s that jus walked in."

The use for girls is the most common.
by ethnik youth November 14, 2008
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A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning:

Enemy Spotted,

but said in normal life
c2, c2!!! wtf?
by Lorne Richardson July 7, 2003
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necter of the gods. a kick ass drink and the best part is dat it gets u super gassy so u burp a lot, but if u drink it a lot it tastes strange. and who eva dont like it is a fukin prick
person 1: omg! did i jus die an go 2 heaven??!!!!!!
person 2: no u jus had sum c2
by pimp daddy dollars August 31, 2004
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short for "chuckle to self". c2s is used when you have told or heard a joke that you find amusing. This word was created to replace the overused lol.
i heard a joke yesterday that made me c2s.
by erockthepay February 20, 2010
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Someone who acts like they want to be your friend, but usually just pretends to like you because they want something you have (eg granola bars).
Person 1: Did you meet my new friend?
Person 2: Yeah, she's such a C2.
by THE REAL MAYO MAN January 20, 2021
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C2 is Coke 2 which is coke soda except it has 1/2 the carbs, 1/2 the calories and double the shitty taste.
C2 is crap
by ganslkd June 14, 2004
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