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(Comp. Sci)
A sequential method of organization that consists of one or more bits. Most generally referred to as 8 bits but not limited to such standard.

(mis) bite
by Rr November 8, 2002
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is the best place in the united states to come from
kosi comes from alaska
by Rr October 30, 2003
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The biggest fool on earth. His another name should be non stop nonsense.
Breaking his leg after falling in toilet of a bar. Only he can do that.
by Rr November 14, 2003
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a guy that act really enfeminate or gay
man that person is such a fucking femmeboy
by Rr April 29, 2004
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What happens when a jew marries a non-jew.
Only one of your parents are Jewish? Just like RacinReaver!
by Rr January 10, 2004
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She hmm'd when she took our her hmm and made it go hmm.
by Rr November 8, 2002
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What people who can't spell say when they are frustrated.
Hmm, I can't seme to spel corectly todey.
by Rr June 11, 2002
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