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is the best place in the united states to come from
kosi comes from alaska
by RR October 30, 2003

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(Comp. Sci)
A sequential method of organization that consists of one or more bits. Most generally referred to as 8 bits but not limited to such standard.

(mis) bite
by Rr November 07, 2002

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A promiscuous woman who still has sex, despite being pregnant. See also: slut, tramp, whore, hussie.
Did you know she's been pregnant for six weeks and she's still sleeping with three different guys? What a pregnaho!
by RR January 10, 2004

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Close companion or friend
Term of endearment
May be shortened to pogs or pogsels at your own discretion
Listen poggies, what are we gonna do about my ex.....
by RR January 27, 2005

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Individual at the top of food chain in a government structure. Attracts interns. Notifies Presidential Staff of attractive females in vicinity.
by Rr November 07, 2002

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The abbreviation in Pittsburghese for "I'm gonna".
Imina go upstairs because I still have work to do.

Imina kill you!
by RR January 21, 2005

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To be upset, pissed, or generally disgruntal.
I could not believe she was dating that loser. I was swool about it!
by RR January 26, 2005

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