short for Scibbler, meaning :
by Swank July 23, 2003
a derogatory term referring to the religious cult of Scientology.
Did u know Sci Scis gather annually to an island and eat fecal matter for 3days straight?
by jewslammer February 7, 2009
A close indian friend who's slightly strange.

A friend who's a scisci is a scisci for life!
Sci sci! Afnan! How've you been?
by sciscino.1 June 10, 2013
Sidecar-borne improvised explosive device, in which the operator of the motorcycle/scooter pulls an ejection handle to jettison a sidecar filled with explosives, performing a drive-by attack.
Look out for that Haj on the scooter, he could have a SCIED!
by Stryker Repulsation July 23, 2008
A term used to describe the genre of Science Fiction within books, films, comics, games and television shows.

Sci-Fi shortened form of Science Fiction.
Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Battlestar Galatica, Babylon 5 etc.
by Siona Beht June 22, 2004
To high five someone whilst affecting the Vulcan Live Long and Prosper hand.
Person A: Dude, you'll never guess who I saw on the street today. T'Pau from Enterprise. For realsies!
Person B: No way! You have to hit this, brother.
(Sci-five ensues)
by Live Long & Prosper July 31, 2009