Something one can say when they are annoyed at someone or something, or alternately when they just want someone to shut up
"Look what i did today"
"Buu Buu Desu Wa"
by AdventurousAllison November 5, 2018
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The catchphrase of Kurosawa Dia, a character from Love Live! Sunshine!! It means "Wrong and wrong again" when translated to English
Love Liver 1: There was no female main character in Nijigaku.
Love Liver 2: Buu Buu Desu Wa! It was Yu Takasaki!
by LoveLiver2k3 September 4, 2023
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The tall, smart, and extremely evil version of Majin Buu. He is Majin Buu's evil side and ends up killing his flabby, stupid counterpart later on in the Buu Saga. Can also be called Crackmonkey Buu or Stoner Buu because of his resemblance to the crackheads often found on the rough side of town.
Super Buu > Majin Buu
by Shawn B. May 18, 2003
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a trash rapper who is a 40 year old man who got arrested for child abuse then and is named after a dragon ball character also acts rich when they are a poor person also thinks they are a clone also claims that they are 20 something they are an idiot and will never beat a true intellectual like me also a pedophile like greg paul
hey guys you know that kid buu guy
you mean the dragon ball character the garbage rapper
the garbage rapper

oh no
by mr tripple cash April 22, 2019
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The last villain of the Dragonball Z saga. Created by Bibidi and resurrected by his son Babidi using an enormous of saiyan energy, gathered from Gohan and his fight with Majin Vegeta. The names of these three characters are a reference to Cinderella; Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo!

When Buu first appears out of his Ball that he has been sealed inside for a million years (according to Babidi), he acts very childish due to his absorbing of the Grand Supreme Kai: Daikaioh.

Ironically, in his original state (called Kid Buu) he is more powerful than any other of his fused states, due to his natural, deep-seeded need for destruction and without Daikaioh's good influence, he becomes and unstoppable killing machine, blowing up planet after planet, resulting in him being blown to smithereens and reforming.
Majin Buu (in his kid buu form) had to be defeated with a spirit bomb containing the energy of every person on earth (or at least, all the fans of Mr. Satan (Hercule)).
by kyle.biddle January 5, 2011
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Some villain from the Dragon Ball Z series. He appear in Kid Buu saga i think. In my opinion he was the strongest in the dragon ball z series because it took massive amounts of energy from the earth to kill him.
Somehow, people find kid buu hot and sexy. Or maybe just cute. Me, on the other hand, find him freaky.
by emokid.ahaha June 5, 2005
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