Main character of the second worst fanfiction ever, imma wiserd. black, and racist. instead of racist, he says RASSIST.
by Elle Lite June 16, 2011
Lil buu
A character from dragon Ball super that's name is kid buu but lil buu is good at spitting lyrics no matter what type of beat give him a beat you'll have a full song in 3 minutes
by Lil buu June 30, 2019
A 13 about to be 14 year old boy who can spit lyrics faster than a bullet who's Instagram is @buu2cool y'all can find him with red hair he has a gf named Kayla who he really loves and would never cheat on don't believe me go text him and ask he's super loyal to her and would not leave her even for $100 million dollars "lil buu loves to rap alottt"
by Lil buu June 30, 2019
An anime character, almost noun as a slut, a pink ass slut, a nasty ahh nigger that talks shit to people horrible, a straight BATCH of you asked me.
Buu clearly is a BATCH
by Johnbund October 3, 2021
The boy who eat mắm tôm phake
Buu mac ia
by Jakdk November 21, 2021