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The Chuck Norris of Dragon Ball Z. He's the World Martial Arts Champion and the strongest man in the entire universe. He singlehandedly defeated Cell, Majin Buu and bitch-slapped Vegeta for disrespec'in' him.

For a short while, he was in a loving homosexual relationship with Majin Buu, but it didn't last because the sex was too squishy.
Spectator #1: Wow, SSJ3 Goku is a badass.
Spectator #2: No... no he's not. He just died.
Spectator #1: Wtf how?!
Spectator #2: Mr. Satan gave him cancer, using only his mind.
Spectator #1: SRSLY?!
Spectator #2: Yes.
by bizniztime September 01, 2008
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The world martial arts champion from Dragonball, he becomes the champion easily to due none of the z fighters entering the tournament at the time. Android 18 let's him win the final battle in exchange for the prize money and another 10 million zeni.
In the fight between Vegito and Super Buu, Mr. Satan is able to see the fighters while they move and fight, while unable to sense energy, however Gohan, during the Saibaman struggle, could not see the fights until he concentrated on their energy, and not using his eyes. This is another plothole of the series.

Almost every time Mr. Satan has to come to the ring in the World Martial Arts Tournament, he usually ends up hurting himself, then he is forced to lie to the crowd saying that he was kidding around in order to keep his reputation.
by kyle.biddle January 11, 2011
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