The greatest DBZ villain. He enjoys smokin' weed with me and some Gremlins.
Oh my God! Kid Buu just killed Johnny Knoxville! O_O
by Black Shy Guy August 9, 2003
The last villain of the Dragonball Z series. This is Majin Buu's form before he absorbs any of the Supreme Kais, and is even far stronger than Super Buu (Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan). In other words, this is his original form that Bibidi first created. Kid Buu has no conscience, he seeks only to destroy and fight strong opponent, he's not very bright either.
Statistically, in terms of kill count, Kid Buu has the highest body count in the Dragon Ball universe, having destroyed several hundred planets worth of people. In total, Kid Buu generates an excessively high body count exceeding the trillions. In the series, Buu is by far the oldest villain, as Bibidi died long before he did. He was sealed inside a cocoon for a very long time as well, about a million years according to Babidi, though this just may be an estimate or exaggeration.
by kyle.biddle January 13, 2011
a aggravating little piece of shit who trys to get on your face
by guy October 8, 2003
Some villain from the Dragon Ball Z series. He appear in Kid Buu saga i think. In my opinion he was the strongest in the dragon ball z series because it took massive amounts of energy from the earth to kill him.
Somehow, people find kid buu hot and sexy. Or maybe just cute. Me, on the other hand, find him freaky.
by emokid.ahaha June 5, 2005
a trash rapper who is a 40 year old man who got arrested for child abuse then and is named after a dragon ball character also acts rich when they are a poor person also thinks they are a clone also claims that they are 20 something they are an idiot and will never beat a true intellectual like me also a pedophile like greg paul
hey guys you know that kid buu guy
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by mr tripple cash April 22, 2019