Someone who pours milk before the cereal
Person a: I pour my orange juice before my cereal
Person b: What the frick
Person a: What
Person b: Bruh what a Menace
by factsbutbetter July 19, 2021
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Someone who is always causing trouble, pulling pranks, and making jokes. This person knows that they are mischievous and loves that about themselves!
Do you know that guy Kellen? Ugh yeah, he is SUCH a menace!
by myersnbriggs September 2, 2021
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A person who is crazy fun and wild. Tends to do stupid things that may harm themselves or others for a laugh. (Australian)
Jake drank a whole bottle of vodka then punched a cop and said “yeah the boys” he is such a menace
by The inspirer er March 30, 2020
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Used jokingly it means weird, crazy, brat, or stubborn
Me: Don't you dare send that meme-
Friend: Sends it
by CrossRox May 23, 2021
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A single person who continually causes havoc in social scenes pulling either chicks or dudes with no regard for others
That girl Devyn is such a menace at the bar she took home that girls boyfriend last week.
by Furu August 31, 2021
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