An anime/manga involving girls who start an idol group to save their school from being shut down. These girls are most likely lesbian.

There is also a mobile rhythm game of it as well.
Person 1: I finished the last few episodes of season one of Love Live, and damn I got hit with some feels!
Person 2: Haha, good luck with season two.
by Watanabae March 7, 2016
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An anime franchise about lesbians (most likely) who think they could save their school by dancing, singing and winking multiple times on a stage.
Jokes aside, Love Live is an anime with great story and characters. Their music is really good too.
by ZAPBoy October 23, 2019
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An idol franchise in which highschool girls singing and dancing to try and save their school.
Consist of 5 series, Love Live! School Idol Project, Love Live! Sunshine, Nijigasaki School Idol Dokoukai, Love Live! Superstar!!

Oh, and they are lesbian
Person A: Finally finished Love Live! School Idol Project, I can finally rest easy...
Person B: You still have 3 series left
by repyh_fan March 10, 2022
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An idol competition that is the main thing with Love Live!: School Idol Project. Idols aim to win that competition. Every Love Live! Group goes twisted at some point in the process of reaching the goal.
Hey! Had you heard about the next Love Live! ?
Oh hell yeah! I can't wait to support more idols!
by RinkaTheAnnoying August 22, 2021
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Sequel to Love Live: School Idol Project, only much gayer,
Have you seen Love Live: Sunshine!! yet?
Yeah. It's gay.
by Phin86 August 26, 2017
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noah boat and rhino’s channel

most underrated youtubers of all time
yo u seen the new love live serve skit? shi got me dyin
by melp.os June 13, 2021
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