butz, an onomatopeia to describe impact or a force delivered to an object

Pronounced bootz
1. an onomatopeia to describe impact or a force delivered to an object

"just butz 'im out" - (hit im in the face)

"give it some butz" - (shooting a football at a goal"
by sim667 August 14, 2006
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/verb, transitive/ To hit the living crap out of a softball, preferably (and almost exclusively) to the right side. Bonus points if the ball travels as far as the very first "butzed" ball, which is, of course, Menoken Grove. In modern usage, the ball must travel at least 412 feet to qualify as being sufficiently "butzed." Wind aided homers, illegal bat aided homers, and home runs that exceed the team limit do not count, as that is not at all how the word originated.
Hot chick in stands: "OMG, did you see that?! He totally butzed the shit out of that ball!"

Guy: "Bitch please, that thing didn't even crack 350'. Google Earth that trash and get back to me."
by High Octane #0 June 13, 2008
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Another term for fucking in a sexual manner.
I was butzing this bitch the other night she had the tightest moot.
by mootlachy October 15, 2006
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An expression tagged onto the end of a negative statement. A common term in the class of 96/97 Kowhai Intermediate school, Auckland, New Zealand.
"Nah butz!"
"Shame butz!!!"
"Gotta dollar?" "Nah Butz does your mum.."
"Wotta butz kehn..."
by Bowdy December 5, 2008
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A proper noun, that dirives it's name from a village in Germany. Through out history, the house of Butz or(Boots).Thats has been victorious, in most of our conquests in the U.S. Our famly has acted,according to our family crest. "The fist is 1st.to the shield"
It was a Butz,that person had no chance.Hopefully there is a after life.
by wicked lester August 16, 2006
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Loud, Bald, Fat, Mammal that makes its home in Wapwallopen PA. Does nbt bathe. Smells horrible. Somehow produced offspring bastard child.
Butz drank your beer , not me
by J-Hi September 29, 2003
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