An extremely over-priced city where you must be patient, be prepared to pay shite-loads of rent , be prepared to get stuck in traffic. Full of immigrants, commonly; Fijian, Indian, Chinese, Pacific Islander are the main ethnic groups here. Employers here would rather hire foreign skilled workers who struggle with english for cheaper labour rates rather than pay a few dollars more per hour for local tradesman etc... with great english skills. Auckland is pretty much a smaller version of Sydney, Australia. Has some pretty spots and good to visit, will stress you the hell out living and working here.
Person from elsewhere in New Zealand "Hey mate, I lost my job, you think I should move up to Auckland ?"
Aucklander " Yeah sure, if you're willing to live off canned spaghetti and instant noodles in order to make the weekly rent bill"

Auckland, New Zealand
by buttockgrabber February 19, 2015
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