1. Intermediate is the coming together of two things

2. Intermediate relationship. Usually sexual.
1. "intermediate stage of development"

2. "My boyfriend and I are so intermediate, I took off his pants last night".
by DeadBoom December 3, 2014
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A medium sized school ran by a broke ass principal, a whale, and a tomato. Has a woman with a moustache that looks like a pug, and an almond. Fights everyday, ghetto as fuck, there a fat bitch named cici and all she fights is weak peope.
by yallitsme26727288 January 29, 2018
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Where u can go to see a fight any day anytime and the place to get suspended for no good reason. And the most drama(no cap you’ll find it everywhere)the top getto school in florida.
by You’ll find out soon July 4, 2018
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Strack intermediate is a school located in Spring , Texas . grades 6-8 , Filled with many vsco girls roaming the hallway , saying "sksksk" "save the turtles" and wacking their hydroflask in your face. Strack has many fake people giving you hugs in the hallway, and waving at you. You will most likely face drama at Strack . You will likely smell weed , fish, piss , and see people eat edibles at Strack . Watch out for 6th and 7th graders at Strack they are known for having smart mouths and being annoying.
Olivia :Kaitlyn,why are you so excited?

Kaitlyn: It's 8th grade year , I can't wait to leave Strack Intermediate!
by whadaupp September 20, 2019
The worst school in Texas basically some junkyard that some numbskull decided it would be a good place to send dumbass kids who had their first kiss in kindergarten also the teachers are ex North Korean military drill sergeants that you have to say “yes sir” too. then the students act all tough like they are Hispanic gangsters with idiots yelling school shooting every single second and a few groups of gay kids, furries and straight up idiots they also say some shit in Spanish I don’t know since I only speak English and some German.
Student from clue intermediate:what up cuh *some shit in Spanish*

Other person:woah that’s gay
Clute intermediate student: *crying* *some insults in Spanish* wah wah your mean
by Classywhale August 13, 2023
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The greatest school for grade 4-6 to ever exist. Anybody who went there knows. All the greatest teachers. Recess every day. Hype kickball. Frooty dealers. Gettin your class challenged to a kickball game. Knockin homers on the roof and over the fence. Lunchtime. Gym. Dodgeball. Nachos and cheese days. Rankin deserves some recognition it was greatest school of all time.
Person 1: I miss the sick kickball games we used to play in Rankin."

Person 2:"Yeah those were the days, Rankin Intermediate was so hype."
by Iloverankin August 31, 2010
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n, an intermediate draw is a noun used to describe the few draws of a joint when sharing it between 2 people. The intermediate draw is the extra few puffs the person gets
Damion: "Jo you can have rollers privelage & your intermediate draw then i want the joint back

Jo: No worries Baby I'll get my rollers privlelage & my intermediate draws & pass it to you
by The Fairy Sesh Mother June 18, 2021
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