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Used in order to exclaim your agreement to something in a coversation that was just said.

First said by Miss Ericka Toure Aviance and is now being taken all over the gay community through the Gay Pimpin's with Jonny McGovern podcast.
"Girl, that tranny sure is turning it out!"

by Zuri W. September 05, 2006
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a type of girl that's far from typical. attempting to read this kind of girl and her signals can make you feel like a non-asian in a real advanced math class. however once your in the "safe zone" you'll want nothing to do with any other girl, but be careful you don't wanna end up on their bad side, they can be quite vicious.
jack: who's that girl you were just talking to?

dale: don't bother. she's a bootz...she'll eat your fuckin' heart out.
by mcqueef December 14, 2010
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an ugly girl who is "easy" and gets with mediocre guys to prove her "sluttiness". This kind of girl can be found wearing large boots and push up bras. Do not be frightened by this type of girl for she means no harm.
john: " aye man, lately Big Johns been a little lonely..."

clay: " why don't you just give Bootz a call."

john: "great idea. you always got my back!"
by MeeHannn December 20, 2009
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1. Some random fuck everyone likes to laugh at.

2. Danny Palenstine--Squatty
1. "Hey Bootz!" -Like "Hey Fucker"

"Got Bootz" "All Hail Bootz"
"Long Live Bootz" "Suck my big bootz"
"Viva La Bootz" "Show me your bootz"
"Lets Get Bootz"
by EK March 22, 2004
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