intercourse fucking position. A variation of missionary: the man rises slightly more above the woman, and "floats freely" into her, and either he holds her calves (or feet) or she holds her knees folded back against her body and wide apart, to give him the maximum possible entry. Advantages: Man can ride high, right up to the womb; he can probe her very widely; extremely submissive female position and free dominant male role can excite both. Disadvantages: Can be strenuous: for extended sessions only lithe, fit bodies need apply!; also, not the best position for friction against ticklish ridges and main G-spots at front of the ridden cunt
Tracy loves butterfly, but only with manly men - and not on a full stomach!
by kofi May 12, 2003
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easily the greatest swimming stroke of all time
he swam the 100 meter butterfly so damn fast i screamed
by lalalalala April 26, 2004
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1. n. Members of Aureus from Ragnarok Online(iRO).
2. n. Insects with 4 beautiful wings that flutter from flower to flower drinking nectar.
3. v. Feeling you get when you're nervous.
i.e. on your wedding day, when on line to ride a rollercoaster.
1. I want to be a pink butterfly ;o;
2. Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?
3. The bride won't eat a thing because she has butterflies in her stomach!
by hika May 02, 2005
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a small vibrator that goes in your underwear. it is shaped like a butterfly.
jane likes to wear her butterfly to work.
by calliefairy! June 06, 2004
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Coming from the Jason Mraz song butterfly, butterfly means pussy or vagina.
Damn man, I saw some nudes on her and she has the nicest butterfly... Like top two most def.

Did you get to see her butterfly?
Yeh man, but that girl needs to take a shave down there. It's nice but its like a butterfly in the Amazon rainforest.
by butterflyhitman April 02, 2009
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a gal that moves from guy to guy, like a butterfly from flower to flower!
she's such a butterfly, can never stay with one guy for too long!
by kinkyC November 10, 2002
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