A dance move, usually done solo, in which the body moves like a butterfly would flap its wings. Picture there are two girls right next to you both standing on chairs. You are smacking each of them in the ass. As for the legs you just move them in rhythm with your arms.
DAMN!!! Look at Seth rocking the butterfly!!
by tribefan9692 March 09, 2011
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--easily one of the greatest DDR songs of all time

--one DDR classic that was never brought to the US
Butterfly by Smile .dk was recently voted as the 6th Greatest Dance Dance Revolution song of all time, according to official Konami polls.
by Bravely Folk December 16, 2003
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My boyfriend calls it : "Dark place in heaven" ;)
A vagina with large wings
Boyfriend: "Can I pleasure your butterfly ?"
by Tessa Biefstuk December 14, 2005
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A death defying swimming stroke performed by those extraordinarily strong or insanely stupid. Caution: If you are not like Michael Phelps or any other Olympic swimmer please do not attempt. Many people have died or gotten injured by doing this swimming stroke, and trust me when I say that steroids will not help.
*In a sad funeral
Jimmy: "How did he die?"
Thomas: "He tried to impress a girl by swimming butterfly"
Jimmy: "What a stupid guy"
by A swimmer April 10, 2015
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Evil monsters who will suck blood from your eyeballs (or just balls). They fly around and are great Halloween pranks
by SUMFURRYTHING June 19, 2016
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