Beautiful, unique, and strong individuals that offer support and strength to each other in order to help one another lead fulfilling, wonderful lives. Butterflies are all over the world and in the unlikeliest of places, but if you ever get the opportunity to meet one, you are most likely the luckiest person in the universe.
Butterflies just helped me through a really tough time. I love them!
by lizziebaba November 17, 2011
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1. a dance move performed by girls when shocking out in the dance, involves the girl bending her knees, while keeping her back upright, placing each hand on each knee, and gyrating their hips back and forth, while spreading their legs back and forth, like a butterfly flapping its wings.
Came from afro-Caribbean influenced music such as dancehall, where sexually explicit dances are favoured.
Spread to other underground music in the UK such as Ragga, UK-garage, Grime, and even house music.

"ya body's, so pleasing to the eye,
especially when ya do the pogo, or the butterfly!"

2. A sexual position - based on missionary, but with the man holding the girls knees right back and out. Is also the basis of the above dance move. Gwwaarn girls!
1. "ya body's, so pleasing to the eye,
especially when ya do the pogo, or the butterfly!"

2. man check this video out, got this buff little hottie, turned her out at motel, and got her in the butterfly. She took it deep.
by tuffsoldier August 10, 2007
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Shortened version of the term social butterfly. Though men probably would look at you weird if you called them this.
Janet is such a butterfly. She's got friends everywhere.

Sarah is so outgoing, she's a true butterfly. She can make friends with any type of person.
by TZafir June 25, 2012
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When a "Social Butterfly" roams around socializng with people
Jacob:My mom says im a social butterfly
Shelby:Then how bout you go find people to butterfly?
Jacob:Its hard to butterfly when theres nobody here to butterfly with!!
by Jacob and Shelby March 11, 2011
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A girl who goes from guy to guy, often regardless of feeling, emotion, or any care whatsoever. She is also:

a)known as flirt,heartbreaker,promiscuous, or sometimes hoe
b)often beautiful with a magic way w/ words
c)has more friends that are male than she does female
d)often speaks to you as if she has no recollection of any pain in which she has caused
Male:I thought that we were leading to something good, the signs were there and everything, what happened?

Butterfly:Sweetie, I have no idea of what you're talking about. I was being nice because I think your a cool guy to be around but that's all.

Male:So what are you doing tonight?

Butterfly:Going out to the club with some my friends, Can you help me decide what outfit to wear?

by Molatov Cocktale April 15, 2009
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the best stroke in the world! <swimming>
you year-arounders out there know what im talking about
by swimlvr July 22, 2011
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A song from a Dance Dance Revolution game. Loved by weeaboo girls all over, though it's a catchy song with a good beat and is made by two Swedish girls.
Ai yai yai, I'm your little butterfly
Green black and blue make the colours in the sky

Ai yai yai where's my samurai?
by Gummy Bears United June 11, 2010
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