The act of taking a Carolina Reaper (the world's hottest chili pepper), cutting slits into it to make it bleed, and then inserting it into the anus.
My friend had to have extensive anal reconstruction surgery due to self inflicted clawing and explosive bloody diarrhea due to trying to get the burn out that was a direct result of a Carolinian Butt Plug.
by Derrick 5043 June 23, 2014
When you let a turd out but your arse is so fat that it gets stuck between the butt cheeks and won't budge.
Sarah: oh Mark, I've just delivered a butt plug sundae
Mark: shall I reach in and scoop it out?
by MMJK November 6, 2019
When your friend comes back from a trip to South America with a souvenir that resembles a butt plug. You immediately call him out on it but he insists it's a Mayan keepsake...but we all know what it is.
"Hey guys I got you this Mayan souvenir from my trip to South America." "You mean this Mayan Butt Plug?"
by The card says moops May 27, 2017
When in the work place a member of staff with higher amibitions is constantly wedged up the managments arse to better themselves by dropping other staff in the Shat!!
Look at Dobby following wedgy round the office that fecker is a Human Butt plug,
by tobycarvery1 April 27, 2010
The Mexican butt plug is a fairly easy sex position. It is when a man wraps a tortilla around his penis, and then stuffs it into another persons anus.
by tbruno87 March 9, 2016
a butt plug made of transparent material like glass or plastic
"hello wife i just bought you this clear butt plug want to try it on"
"oh goody i do like surprises"
by Ollie Wright August 18, 2006