another name for a booty call. but with the front sections.
Friend 1: He's telling me to call him!

Friend 2: HAH, it must be a front butt call.
by JellyBee June 17, 2009
to punctuate desperation in order to change a circumstance
Attending a tedious cocktail party from which Billy D finds himself pinned in a conversation from which there is no relief. Standing there, minute after minute, taking it all in and wanting nothing more that to be home in bed; he feels his stomach turn and tighten, cold and sweat outline him, he wants out; his Gucci suit minimizes. His scalp itches and hots up suffocating under the conversation and the people. Suddenly, a well-groomed accountant next to him barks out, "Current data from my data extrapolated to further the outcomes on the Harrington Report confirms a speculation that the market trend should ..." At that point, Billy D. has his Dickens’ moment; his steamed brain snaps. A growling hum exits his thorax inexplicably. The accountant eyes him -- a dik dik to an approaching lion. Billy D. holds the accountant’s eyes way too long in primeval contact. He raises his eyebrows up and down as the masturbator in Dostoyevsky’s famous novel . He wanted the floor; he wanted to express something real; now he had the floor and total control; they were fixated. Then he let go the phrase that would end his tenure at the conversation hell-school of life and liberate him from their hold now and forever. He gave it up, loud and proud in rainbow fashion, "Well, spank my butt and call me Nancy." And that was it. It was all over. Their grip on him came crashing down. What he was in others' eyes now permitted him to leave the group without question or guilt forever it would be different.
by Royal Wulff October 11, 2013
To pass off bad news as good news. Usually it applies to when this act is incredibly obvious and poorly executed. When this is done, it is usually even more offensive than simply telling someone the bad news.
The doctor said that Joe was lucky to be paralyzed, since he'd no longer have to worry about getting into skateboarding accidents. All he did was stick a dick in his butt and call it Christmas.
by magusguy September 18, 2007
When your really old.... wait reallllly old dad accidentally calls. You know he didn't MEAN to call, but it would've been nice to hear from him anyways... :' (
Daniel: Man I was really excited the other day when I thought I was gonna get to talk to my dad... But who am i kidding it was definitely a butt dial face call.
Chadley: Wow that really sucks bro. The old BDFC... Maybe YOU should reach out next time.
by KewlestPoster17 March 4, 2021
astonishment, suprised amazement, wow! You don't say! Well, I'll be.
Joe: After five years of being on welfare, I finally landed a job.
Marcy: Well, butter my butt and call me a bisquit!
by Dogs! May 17, 2010
When a guy cums and wipes it on his girls ass and her ass is warm from smashing she says butter my butt and call me a biscuit
Last night I told Timmy to butter my butt and call me a biscuit
by Hehehe🔥 June 30, 2018
an unintentional call made on a cell phone while doing something else (looking for a number,checking a message)
"who was that"
"oh, it was my mom. she was trying to take a picture and she finger butt called me.
by candy handy September 20, 2009