An unintended cell-phone call made by sitting on the speed dial buttons.
I just got a butt call from my girlfriend. I could hear her talking to someone, but she didn;t know her phone had dialed.
by markfromthealamo June 2, 2005
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This is when some dick has his cell phone in his back pocket or just placed on the sofa and either they sat on it or someone else sat on it hitting the speed dialer to your cell phone. Of course they have no idea they called your number but you get to listen to all their BS.
Ever have your cell phone ring around 2:00a.m. you pick it up then answer, hello, hello, hello...all you hear is a bunch of people talking and perhaps loud music in the background. You think you recognize one or two of the voices but then you hear your name and they are saying some pretty rude things about you. Well then you've been "butt called".
by Uncle John John September 24, 2009
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A butt call is when some clueless moron keeps their cell phone in their back pocket without locking the key pad. They sit on the phone, thereby using their buttocks to dial YOUR cell number.
Ever have your phone ring at 12:30 am and all you hear is loud music and unintelligible voices - some of which may or may not be those of someone you know? Then you have been butt called.
by clueless moron November 27, 2009
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It's what happens when you dial/text someone by accident because you forget that your phone is in your back pocket when you sit down.
Person A: Hello? Hello? Person B: (no answer) Person A: Why are you butt calling me?! Person B: (no answer)
by cisi March 24, 2011
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A Butt Call is an unintended cell phone call made by sitting on or otherwise putting pressure on the touch keys.
Marilyn's Phone: Ring ... Ring ... Ring!

Marilyn: Hello ... Hello ... Hello, Ed.

Marilyn's Phone: Nothing.

Marilyn: Calls Ed because his number was displayed.

Ed's Phone: Ring ... Ring ... Ring!

Ed: Hello, Ed, speaking.

Marilyn: Hi. Ed,did you call?

Ed: Yes ... but it was just a Butt Call.

Marilyn: A Butt Call? What's THAT?

Ed: That's when you inadvertently put pressure on the keys or sit on your cell phone and auto-dials a number.
by 12q23w34e45r April 22, 2010
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When one's pressure on one's phone, secondary to sitting on it, calls someone, while the owner of said phone is oblivious. Not to be confused with "booty call", an entirely different situation, in most cases.
I'm not answering the call, she has a penchant to accidentally "butt call" me.
by deedmsu1978 July 7, 2010
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When you accidentally hit redial on your cell phone ehen it's in your pants pocket.
"Hello!, Hello?, Hello?" Ask friend later, hey did you call me? "No, Oh wait, I must have butt called you when I leaned again the counter."
by jkelmo May 7, 2010
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