A gorgeous woman,man,lover,car,friend,house.
Look at that woman over there, what a Bute.
Being pleasant to someone: Good morning Bute.
Take a liking to someone:Well hello Bute.
Hey son that car you have brought is a Bute.
by Paul Swindells. May 11, 2006
bute is basically one word made up by two different words. Ik,its stupid,but it also works. Bute means someone is beautiful and cute.
beautiful + cute = bute
Girl 1: Hey did you see Tom Holland's new picture,he's so bute

Girl 2: I mean,he's not bad ig
Girl 1: I'm totally a white man's whore for him
Girl 2: but you're white Becky,so it doesn't- Yk what,nvm
Girl 1: Yeah,exactly he's bute

(i suck at dialogues because I've never spoken to people irl😳)
by theonlyuglywhore July 8, 2019
A common insult, meaning an idiot or foul person. pronounced Beaut.
by Asa87 September 4, 2007
daaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn lets crack a SOL on this BUTES sats afts!!!!
by madonn October 24, 2005
A bute is a word used in English slang used to describe someone who is self-inflated and their general demeanour oozes how much if a knobhead they are.
Onto that Callum, he's a pure bute.
by Cnnaldo May 21, 2014
Being under the effects of or high on ketamine.
Why does Jeff keep touching his face like that?

He's buted, Tom, he sniffed like 5 lines of ketamine.
by rxzl June 30, 2013
Me and Jake stannard are gonna sniff some butes and get fuck off buted so sym blud
by Mike M aka pablo March 7, 2018