Fer is the best person you'll ever know, he's like a little and cute kitty cat, that needs to be cared. He's the kind-of-stupid, kind-of-sweet. He gives you the feeling of being loved and needed, and when he hugs you, you can feel how every broken part of you came together again. Fer's is the sweetest things to ever exist and deserve nothing but love and affection. Falling in love with him it's the easiest thing, even though you hate him, you still love him, and gives you the cutest kisses in your face. He's amazing, so don't ever give up on him, he is the best thing you'll ever have. He loves deeply even if he doesnt always show his emotions, when he looks at you, you know you mean the world to him. He's a little shy at first, but he can make you laugh even when you're mad at him. Even though he's been hurt again and again, he never gives up. Once you fall for him, you'll miss him every second he isn't with you. If you fall in love with a Fer: take care of him, treat him right, and never, ever let him go
If i were a cat, i would spend my nine lives with Fer
by Chrryblssmgrl June 28, 2021
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Man with large penis and hott body, Handsome, Has a good outlook on life when it comes to friends and family, Good listener, Intresting conversation starter, Random.
by Caaa July 17, 2006
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Somebody who wraps their cum inside their foreskin and leaves it to dry overnight. They then chew on the crusty cum and get their day's worth of protein.
When my mom realized all my sheets were clean, she realized that I was a Fer.
by The Man with No Name November 7, 2017
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Yet another dumbass way to spell something. this also derives from the shark-like Stephanie Davey. Its for not fer!!!
lyke fer real dOnt be rude cuz im a drama queen. i lOve every guy and i always get dumped. including the time i gOt dumped twice in the same week by twO different guys!
by I Hate Her August 5, 2004
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A countrifide use of the word, "for."
Beer: it ain't just fer breakfast no more.

What fer?!

by FaulkIT July 11, 2008
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Short for Fernanda. The sweetest person you will ever meet in your whole life. If you don't have a Fer you should get one! They are kind and can be quit stubborn at times. But you need one in your life. They care amazingly.
by Hooman bruh amigo March 19, 2018
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synonym for frout
the act of acting like a frout
J Bean stop ferring!

You are very ferry
by FROUTmonster September 30, 2009
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