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(v): traveling/hiking through dense growth by cutting through branches and bushes;(n): it is also a term used by hikers to describe a very strenuous, obstacle ridden trail with brush, branches and/or bushes etc.
The trail was abandoned so we had to bushwack for three miles.

King Trail was seven miles long and only took three hours, but Prince trail was a bushwack and took 5 hours even though it was only 3 miles long
by veritasmurph1 August 03, 2008
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1.To fuck something, usually a vagina, very hard.

2. The act of fucking something very hard.
I'm about to bushwack that pussayy!

I took her over to my place, we had some dinner, aaaand.....the bushwack!
by Peter BD August 21, 2008
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Copulating amongst thick vegetation; sex in an out-of-doors environment.
We didn't have any money for a motel, so we ended up bushwacking it.
by RottenPunk October 23, 2008
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Australian slang for a crazy person, presumably originated from hairy and bushy appearances of hobos, frequently used in Australia to designate South Africans and other white Africans, more and more used in USA and UK to designate Australians because of their usage of the word.
Their attempt to surveille every person on this planet is pretty bushwack (Assange on NSA )
by Reverend Rapture January 04, 2016
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The act of three or more people scissoring each other. Can consist of both male and female parties.
Why the fuck would I go to an orgy when I can just drink and go to a bushwack instead? And besides, I need to work my hips more.
by Sasquatch McNorris May 20, 2013
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In Florida, guys on the chain gang , using a long handled bladed tool, to chop down growth in water filled ditches along the side of the road. Often infested with water moccasins.
Man, we were bush wacking in some nasty carp today. Almost got bear caught.
by bush wacker May 23, 2014
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