Having your enlistment military extended because the president sent you to an unwinnable war!
Lt. Delaney's platoon just got bushwacked for another six months
by elihu root July 31, 2006
Being involuntarily recalled or having your tour of duty extended against your will.
There I am sitting at my desk, thinking about how I will spend the long weekend with my wife and kids, when the army calls telling me I've been bushwacked.
by daredevil June 29, 2004
To be completely exhausted after an intense period of high physical and mental alertness.
Slope side: Going down a mountain face, hitting moguls and ending up dodging branches, twigs and rocks in a thick patch of trees. You come out bushwacked.

Helping your buddy move all his stuff into a new place for two days involving tons of lifting and logistics. You end up late sunday evening bushwacked, beer in hand.

by veedub91 April 29, 2008
The act of lieing, cheating and stealing to get what you want. Usually commited by members of the Bush family. (Not the bean people, the political family, silly!)
In order to become President and start the Empiral Nation of America, George W. and his ass-licking minions, BUSHWACKED the people of the U.S. and the world.
by Big Sissay January 8, 2004
The act of ambushing your male friends with a girlfriend to an event after it was clearly understood no women were welcome. Typical events include testosterone only poker parties and sports events or estrogen chasing social events such as street festivals or house parties in which it is understood do NOT bring sand to the beach!!!

I can't believe John bushwacked me at the door with his girlfriend. Yet, the poker party invitation was specifically clear - No Chicks Allowed. So, I had no ploblem with turning him and his lady away.
by Dean Barbella July 2, 2007
The drowzy, tired feeling you get after smoking a lot of weed. The best way to cure being bushwacked is either smoking more weed, moving on to some other form of impairment, or falling asleep.
I was so bushwacked after those pearl blunts we had yesterday i just passed out.
by Tweed Smoka January 28, 2008
what you would look like if you were smacked by a bush. or how you look when you first wake up from sleeping. it's a disheveled and slightly unattractive look.
SHIT! jess just fell into a bush! stop giving her tequilla!...hold her still, i need to capture this glorious moment of jess's drunken bushwacked look.
by justjessjoking April 29, 2011